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Stora Enso SDCC Ostrava

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See what it is like for different employees in Stora Enso. Read their stories here in a series of Careers blogs.

The largest Stora Enso IT centre

"Stora Enso's IT center in Ostrava - SDCC Ostrava (Software Development Competence Center) - was founded in 2006 as strategic service center for internal software development for Stora Enso. Nowadays, there are being developed and maintained planning, logistic and sales systems for all production and business areas. Our customers are mainly Stora Enso's mills and sales offices. We are closely cooperating with external service suppliers.
Now, SDCC Ostrava is the biggest Stora Enso's IT center counting more than 140 employees."

For more information regarding Stora Enso please check the global official website: www.storaenso.com


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